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REAL GEAR never fails – Law enforcement, Military and Civilians alike demand REAL GEAR – We depend on our GEAR to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.


At ARMY ANT GEAR we take great pride in providing premium GEAR that is TOUGH – built without compromise to serve under the most demanding of environments and conditions.


Only premium materials are used to BUILD our GEAR – each step in the manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure that there is no compromise in quality or durability.

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– Real Gear Built Tough

Holster, Kydex, Leather

Built using the finest Leather, premium Kydex®, and Neoprene fabric. Our holsters are perfectly shaped for ultimate comfort while ensuring whatever you are carrying is secure and concealed.

The GENERAL Holster is a tuckable holster, allowing the wearer to tuck his/her shirt for the ultimate in concealment. It is also adjustable for retention, cant and ride hight allowing for the perfect carry position and comfort.

The LIEUTENANT Holster is adjustable for retention,  allowing adjustment for the perfect draw. It is in very close proximity to the wearer’s body for a low print profile – allowing for OWB concealed carry.

Built using 40mm  premium heavy leather, laminated with  heavy gauge nylon used on rigging.

The Army Ant Gear Gun belts are available in a classic which features a heavy duty buckle,  or EDC molded hook and loop securing system.  The Army Ant Gear Gun Belst are built tough, they are super resistant to creeping, stretching and deforming, keeping your gear in place and secure. 

Classic, EDC, Gun Belt
Handgun Gear, Magazine Pouch, Clips, Magazines

We believe handgun gear extends beyond holsters and recognise that handgun ownership is a lifestyle. Our handgun gear supports this lifestyle by providing handgun essentials.

Our magazine pouches are built using the finest Leather and premium Kydex®. Extending the LIEUTENANT Holster range for the ultimate carry combination.

Built using lightweight shatter resistant acrylic, our pistol stands are a necessity for an organised safe or an attractive display.

Army Ant Gear recognises the hunter  and marksman's need for an equipped and well cared for rifle.

Our rifle gear products are built tough using only premium materials, without compromising quality or aesthetics. We offer a comprehensive range of rifle gear for the hunter and marksman.

Classic, EDC, Gun Belt