Pistol Stands

Built using premium lightweight shatter resistant acrylic (poly methyl methacrylate arcrylic) sheeting.

Like all OUR gear, the Army Ant Gear – Pistol Stand is BUILT TOUGH. They are  adjustable in height to accommodate from the smallest of pocket pistols to the largest of hand cannons. The Army Ant Gear – Pistol Stand was designed to be used as a space saver in the safe, it allows for multiple pistols to be stacked next to another each on a stand for maximum safe space utilization.  The Army Ant Gear – Pistol Stand  may also be used as a display aid in cabinets or alike. We used only the best hardware and precision machined lightweight shatter resistant acrylic sheeting in order  to live up to OUR standards!

When choosing the Army Ant Gear – Pistol Stand – only the best will do……

Available in a Single or Double Stand and in various colours.