Ant Holster

The ANT holster is a non-slip clip-less holster, grip retention inside waistband holster that utilizes the high friction properties of the special outer layer to hold the firearm in place.

The ANT holster is built in three layers. The outer layer being a super non slip material that adheres or “sticks” to the wearer’s skin, body and or clothing with the slightest amount of pressure. The outer layer is also water tight, thus not allowing perspiration to seep through to the firearm. The inner layer is a closed cell foam layer that over time adapts to the shape of the firearm. The final layer of the ANT holster is a super tough lining that protects the finish of the pistol.


The Ant holster features a standard full sweat guard ensuring maximum protection for the firearm finish from perspiration.

Please refer to our  Holster Fit Chart  for compatibility with your handgun